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What Happens when you Order from Sven Gear

If you’ve ever been amazed by the quality of our packaging and delivery services, we can’t take all the credit. Many customers have asked us about our process and we always point them to our national fulfillment services provider. They are the ones responsible for delivering your packages when you order from us. We’ve been amazed at their attention to detail and the quality of the work they put in to packaging our products neatly. Thankfully we’ve never had anything break, and on the occasional returns, they’re the ones you’d talk to. We use their call center as well as the fulfillment, however, we may also have them do our website as they offer a complete ecommerce package from the ground up.

Our packages delivered fast

fast delivery nationwideWhen you order from we know that time is of the essence since many of our products have a short shelf life. This being the case, we decided to move all our operations to their warehouse because they dedicated a portion of the building to our products only. This was crucial for us after having used other companies that seemed to lose or ship the wrong items to customers. Never happens with our new guys. One thing we like is that when our outdoor products are ordered, they’re being delivered all over the country. And with three centers nationally, they are able to send from the closest one to our customer to save on shipping costs as well as transit time, which makes everyone happy. Some of our products we find to be more popular along the East and West coasts, so we don’t need to store anything in the fulfillment center in the middle of the US, and only the two on either coast. This helps immensely and makes us feel like their favorite clients. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.