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The Science behind Corporate e-learning

If you’ve grown up before the dawn of the digital age and your idea of education is a group of students sitting in a classroom learning from a teacher holding a textbook and writing notes on a chalk board, then you’re in for a surprise. The new technology surrounding education has literally connected thousands of people together virtually through the internet. There is a growing industry of education for companies using learning management software to keep everyone on the cutting edge of company news and advances.


Corporate LMS (Learning Management Systems) and the Connection Myth

Corporations have long prided themselves on keeping their employees and leadership of the company on the same page – so to speak. In reality, the way they historically did this was through newsletters mailed home or to have perhaps monthly team meetings with managers, who in turn would disseminate the information at the employee level. This was a good attempt to do exactly what corporate elearning software is now capable of. The big idea behind this industry is to connect employees at a more meaningful level than just a monthly company letter in the mail or some other outdated and archaic form of communication. To learn more about the kind of software that can provide this kind of connectedness to your organization, visit:

When getting plugged in to the bigger picture with an organization, studies have shown that when people feel this connection, and they experience the collaboration during an LMS session with other coworkers or stakeholders of the company, there comes an added and hidden benefit – loyalty.

In the digital age when employees land jobs it seems like the next day they’re looking for another. This is surely due to the discontentedness that comes with some greed, but it’s also a symptom of a deeper lack of feeling fulfilled in one’s work. If a job comes down to a commodity for an individual, then that company has failed to inspire, connect and educate. Fail to do these things, and your enterprise is going to become a thing of internet past. Why not use the internet to gather the most important people in your company together for weekly or bi-weekly meetings? Who knows what might happen when brains start meeting together. Did you know that one meeting like this is where Gmail was born? Google set up labs for their employees to meet and discuss one-day projects where each participant would spend the entire day working on a new concept to bring to the discussion table. And thank goodness! Where would any of us be without gmail?

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