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Common Uses for Lateral Flow Tests

results of an over the counter lateral flow test for prenancyThe common use of lateral flow tests can be seen with women assessing their hormones for pregnancy.

A simple strip-based device is used to evaluate one’s urine sample determining whether the user is pregnant or not. While this is one of many uses, it is also the one most people refer to when it comes to the subject of lateral flow tests.

Here is more on why these tests are well-regarded in the medical world and prove to be a useful “over the counter” solution for individuals wanting to get a read on a particular aspect of their life whether it’s hormonal changes or drug-based changes.


The list of benefits has to start with stability. Research on the subject has shown its maturation as a test and what it provides in the medical industry continues to provide security. It’s important for a test of this nature to remain stable for its results to prove valuable.

If the tests weren’t stable, the users wouldn’t appreciate the results.

The subtle limits of detection (as seen with any testing device) aren’t harmful and ensure the tests can be completed without harming the user or providing inadequate results. This adds to its value as an option.


These tests are consistent enabling a person to rely on the findings and know they’ll be highly accurate. Without consistency, the tests would be all over the place and lack the value a person is hoping to see.

Studies have displayed coherence of these tests as being over 80+% and demonstrating a high level of precision.

With such tests, it’s best to go with a highly regarded manufacturer to further increase one’s chances of seeing good results and an accurate reading immediately.

With progressive work being done in the medical field, these tests continue to respond well and provide a wealth of information.

Low Cost

The one reason most stores are now carrying a form of these tests involves costs. The goal is to provide a “low cost” solution over the counter for the average user to apply and make the most of for their needs.

Going back to the premise of a woman assessing whether she’s pregnant or not, this ensures a big dent isn’t put into her purse during the process.

It also reduces the need to go to a doctor immediately when it’s not required.

These are a well-designed, low cost solution for all individuals.

Can Handle Smaller Volume

The one reason they are used as “home” tests involves the ability to handle smaller volume with relative ease.

In medical settings, the volume being tested is higher and the results are required down to the last decimal point. However, in a traditional household where a woman is assessing her pregnancy and wants to get a simple “yes or no” answer, it is easier to go with something that handles smaller volume and is simpler to use.

This is why it is often cited as the first thing a user will move towards when hoping to test hormonal fluctuations.

Highly Sensitive

This is necessary with tests of such as these. You want highly sensitive results to ensure accuracy isn’t being ignored. Since these are used for a number of requirements (i.e. pregnancy tests, drug tests), it is important to remain sensitive down to the last decimal.

This adds to the accuracy and enables a positive reading based on the reality of what’s going on.

These tests are designed to provide such value and users are guaranteed such results in the long-term.

With lateral flow tests, a considerable amount of time has gone into researching the method and how it responds to a variety of situations. If it didn’t pass those tests, it wouldn’t have become such a profound solution in the market.

It is well-regarded because of these advantages and how well it works in most situations.

As long as it is created by a responsible and proven manufacturer, the tests will work well and ensure accurate results on a regular basis. This provides stability and control unlike other options hoping to capture the same market.

These tests are often necessary, and it’s best to understand these advantages before moving forward.